‘I want to join bootcamp / get a trainer - but need to get my fitness levels up first’

Don’t worry - you’ll get the best results if you chat to a trainer first. All levels of fitness are catered for and we all develop over time - its about finding what you enjoy and making small, regular steps on your fitness journey.


I am interested in personal training, but can’t afford the cost - is there any advice?

Check out my group options and some of the fitness clubs - you could be training 16 times a month for as little at £9 per week!


I work full time, what options are there?

I would recommend an early morning session. Sessions start at 6.30am (mon-fri) and weekend sessions are available. Check out my Training Calendar for a full list of available sessions.


Where are you based / prefer to work from?

Iechyd da in Canton or Llandaf fields and Roath park.


Do you do home visits?



What do i need to wear / bring?

Comfortable sports clothing … if you are going to spend money on something, spend it on good quality footwear. 

Bring water and if you are going somewhere else, ensure you have a post-gym snack (eg. nuts).

For outdoor bootcamp - old clothes you don't mind getting dirty.


Do you create plans for different goals (eg. weight loss)?

Yes, I create programmes and measurable goals for all kinds of personal targets from fat loss, to measurements, increasing cardiovascular fitness to strength training. Get in touch to get your personalised plan.


How do you measure fat loss?

Bin the scales! Its all about measuring fat reduction and measuring your body correctly.


Cancellation policy - I’ve booked but want to cancel.

This is fine, it happens - please check my terms and conditions of sale for how to request a refund.