This website has been created for YOU! To promote fitness and well-being and to give you ideas on how to be the fittest and most healthy version of your self. Before you take my advice, here is a bit about myself and my journey to the fitness industry.


I’ve always had a passion for sports therefore I decided to study a Sports and Health with a joint honour Psychology degree.  Before I graduated I also gained a qualification as a fitness and aerobic instructor while working in a fab leisure centre called Plas Silyn. After University I was fortunate enough to get a role in a program funded by the Welsh Assembly to encourage children and young people to be more active. This was truly a great experience and I was very passionate about the role. 

Everybody is different but everybody also has the potential to be the best version of them selves.

While working full time I was still leading fitness classes in my spare time.  Using all my previous knowledge from the fitness industry and sport science course I went on to develop my own unique bespoke fitness sessions and held these in Gwynedd. During this period I also came very aware of ‘Holistic Eating’ – that is filling your self up with good, nutritious healthy food and not starving your self and going on a ‘diet’. I haven’t been on a diet since and wouldn’t advice anybody to go on one either!


I moved to Cardiff and I was fortunate enough to hear about the friendly gym ‘Iechyd Da’, this is my base and where I lead most of my fitness and PT sessions.

I have tried various types of fitness training my self and have gone to extremes with some. From competing in sports to weight training, from running long distances and taking part in triathlons to being addicted to HIIT. I have experienced how different types of training and eating effects the body – along with extensive research – I have learnt a lot from this!

My fitness levels have substantially improved since training with Cadi. Her constant motivation, her patience and her obvious enjoyment in the field is a spur to push yourself to your limit!
— Branwen Gwyn